Cathy Wolters is an experienced Broker/Property Manager with twenty seven years experience in customer service, fourteen of those in real estate and property management. 

Cathy has a high rate of customer satisfaction, that is reflected in many years of repeat business relationships, year after year.  Cathy is proud of her low rental turn around time, as well as her extensive knowledge of the current real estate laws and trends. 

Cathy has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Leadership/Management. 

Cathy is also a Florida State Certified Residential  Appraiser: CERT. RES RD8222, with Timely Appraisal Service. 

Some of Our Properties

You can contact Cathy here:

Wolters Realty's Broker/Property Manager-Cathy Wolters

  3000 Murrell Rd, #560963,                                                                           Cathy Wolters

 Rockledge FL 32956